How to Choose Adult Travel

I am an adult, and when I travel, there are certain things that I look for. One of the first things that I look for is the time of year. I have nothing against kids, but when I travel I don’t want to compete with them for space. So when I am planning my travel, I choose to go during non-school holiday times. That means for the most part, I don’t take my vacations in the summer, over spring break, or Christmas break. I understand the families wanting to travel at this time of year, because that is when their kids are out of school. And I am okay not sharing that travel time with them.So my second criteria is the type of hotel that I choose. Again, I am an adult and I do not like to travel to places that cater to small children and families. To me, that means places like Disneyland, and resorts that advertise things like water parks for the kids. Just by taking these two small steps, my vacation time has just improved immensely.When I am looking for travel lodging, I look for hotels or resorts that have things that I am interested in as an adult. One of my spouses top criteria is that there is a lounge or bar on site. Not because he’s an alcoholic, but because we like to hang out in an adult atmosphere and have a couple of drinks to wind down the evening. We like it much better if there is a lounge on-site, and then it doesn’t matter if the area of town that we end up in looks a little rough, we know we can still walk to our room.A rough area of town brings up another point. No matter how much research you do, you sometimes still end up in a place where it is not really what you expected. That can apply to the section of town, the type of room, or just a general feel of the resort you booked into. Unless you have actually been there and stayed there before, reviews and pictures only go so far. Even if you have a personal recommendation from a friend, you won’t know if you like it until you actually stay there. But the resort that you end up staying in has a huge impact on your vacation. Because, even though you don’t send all of your time in your room or at the resort, you still end up spending a lot of time there, and if it has the wrong feel it ends up detracting from your vacation.I own a timeshare, so I spend a lot of time in condos on my vacation. Generally speaking, you will find families with children in this type of setting. But one of the reasons that this does not bother me so much, is that timeshares are generally very big on adult time. What this means, is that as an adult we have our own time at the pool and hot tub without having to worry about children being around. That way, I know I have some time every day that I can enjoy the facilities without having to worry about children being around if that is what I choose.There are also tons of resorts out there that are not only adult oriented, but adult only. So if you’re interested in adult travel, you may want to research some of these types of resorts. Some have age restrictions as low as only 16 years old, so make sure you do your research to make sure it has the age level restrictions that are important to you. It’s also pretty important to research the atmosphere of these resorts. If you are single traveler, you do not want to end up in a couples oriented resort. Similarly, if you are looking for a quiet hammock on a beach you don’t want to end up at a young crowd party resort.